Here’s the answer

I had a question come in on the online training I ran last week, and experience tells me that if they’re wondering what the answer is, then they’re probably not the only one.

So here’s the question…


“We are constantly marketing. What we’re trying to work out is what the most effective message, and most effective medium.”


And the answer to this one is pretty simple really. You have to track everything you do.

There’s no two ways about it.

And by tracking I mean tracking at all stages of your marketing, because if you don’t track the results of your marketing, or promotion activity – you don’t know if it’s working.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses throw money at google ads and local listings, and they have absolutely no idea what result they’re getting back for their money.

And by ‘result’, I mean:

  • How many enquiries did it generate?
  • How many phone calls did it generate?
  • How many bookings did it generate?
  • What was the return on your investment?

It’s a scary thought really.

You could be throwing hundreds, if not thousands of pounds away each year on marketing / advertising spend that isn’t actually bringing any business back to your practice.

I’m sure this is a position you don’t want to find yourself in?

At Marketing For Practices, we track EVERYTHING.

Here’s how:

  • iTracker – This is great for tracking results of online ads, emails etc.It’s a bit tricky to set up, but once it’s set, the results are powerful.You can see exactly where your enquiries have come from!
  • City Numbers – This is great for offline marketing, so your direct mail, posters, leaflets and business cards.You essentially ‘rent’ a phone number from City Numbers that redirects to your usual number, but this means you can track how many phone calls a particular leaflet or poster has generated.

Cool huh.

There’s tons more out there but I didn’t want to overload you today, so maybe check out those to as a start and let me know how you get on.

I hope that helps.

If you have any questions then do shoot them across. Happy to help where I can.

That’s all from me today.

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